Thursday, March 8, 2012

July 2 - August 31
Mon - Fri, 9 am - 3 pm
$600 per week
15% discount if you sign up before June 1

July 2 - 6

Students will utilize a variety of printmaking processes to create a series of repeatable prints as well as several one-of-a-kind prints. Traditional methods such as relief and mono-printing will be taught, in addition to new and experimental approaches. We will print with many natural and found objects to see what kinds of textures we can find. The class will include a survey of printmaking’s amazing history along with its role in some of our favorite storybooks and pictures. Projects will be inspired by artists such as Katsushika Hokusai and Kiki Smith.

Color July 9 - 13
Discover the magic and meaning of color! Students will create a rainbow of artworks while exploring color's powerful ability to express feelings, memories, and imaginings. Info sessions will teach basic color theory - such as color interactions, the color wheel, and color mixing. We will also investigate the important roles that light and transparency play. This is a multimedia class. Projects will draw inspiration from artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Josef Albers, and Bridget Riley.

Paper Arts July 16 - 20
Unfold the endless creativity and beauty of paper! Students will make and dye their own paper and use our abundant collection of papers to create two and three dimensional artworks throughout the week. Projects will include papier-mache, handmade books, and much more! Advanced techniques such as quilling and origami will be taught. Special attention will be given to paper cutting, folding, and constructing - and as always, experimental methods will be encouraged.

Collage July 23 - 27
More than any other form of art, the kids have told us that collage is their favorite! Inspired by this we've decided to dedicate an entire camp this year to all things collage. During the week we will look at the vast world of collage - kids will learn how to make seamless photomontages, decoupages, decollages, and assemblages, as well as create traditional collages with our many unique papers and fabrics. Kids will also collaborate to create a small series of sound collages on a four track mixer.

Life & Performance July 30 - August 3
The Fluxus artists of the 1960's saw art and artist and life and audience as continuous. This is an intermedia performance class where students will collaborate, choreograph, improvise, and play with sound, movement, objects, and poetry. During the week we will hold a series of interviews with the children to discuss their ideas on art and life. We will be looking at the work and ideas of artists such as Yoko Ono and Yvonne Rainer.

Nature Folk August 6 - 10
Working with seeds, sticks, stones, plants, and other materials found out in the woods, as well as some things from the urban landscape, students will make artworks that focus on both material exploration and crafting techniques. Projects will range from the whimsical to the utilitarian. We will be looking at great outsider artists such as Judith Scott and Bill Traylor.

Drawing & Painting Techniques August 13 - 17
Students will practice their drawing and painting skills as they learn advanced mark making techniques and try out a variety of materials. Experimentation, observation, and attention to detail will be emphasized. We will also explore the use of color, design, and composition. Both abstract and representational endeavors will be encouraged. We will also be looking at unusual techniques in artworks by artists such as Max Ernst and Helen Frankenthaler.

Surrealism 200 August 20 - 24
Step into the infinite and bizarre land of surrealism - where dreams, chance, and the absurd reign supreme! During the week students will delve into the depths of their imaginations and beyond. Students will be encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of surrealist methods and media - from plaster gauze and solar prints to automatic drawing and juxtaposed realities. We will be looking at the work and ideas of surrealist artists such as Eileen Agar and Greta Knutson.

Junk & Upcycling August 27 - 31
Upcycling is the practice of taking things around the home that are no longer in use and transforming them into new and exciting creations. Using junk as a starting point, students will transform plastic, cardboard, and other found objects into a pile of wonders! Projects will include: bottle robots, cardboard sculptures, newspaper bead necklaces, t-shirt stuffed animals, and much more!


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  2. My kids just came home from their summer camp and they had a great time. I've been thinking about sending them on another one because they were always busy. The only thing I hear now is how much fun summer camp was, which I'm glad because I was worried they wouldn't like it.